Stade de Reims is getting a new look!

To coincide with Stade de Reims’ 89th birthday, the club chose the Leroy Tremblot teams to oversee the redesign of its visual identity. The agency has developed a complete identity program (logo, graphic territory, brand architecture and brand platform) embodied in a new signature: “Maison de Football” (House of Football).   

Although the symbols featured are a departure from the stadium’s previous identity, the elements included and symbolism that it portrays are very similar in many ways. The simpler, sleeker and more streamlined new identity is red and white in typical Reims style. All of the elements come together in an original composition, which is a symbol of power and openness. Power is conveyed in the bold lettering and composition of the name and openness in the way spaces are used around the different graphic elements.

The S and R initials are now joined together to create a monogram in the very center of the new crowned coat of arms, which features curved lines modelled on the arches of the famous Reims cathedral. The crown symbolizes both the “Coronation City”, which made the city so well-known, and the pioneering generations from the Stade de Reims, those of the first kings of French football, and Raymond Kopa in particular.

The name plays with design and contrasting typographical emphasis so that the French preposition “de” (of) is visible without disrupting the composition of the two main words that make up the club’s name. The branding and redesign of the Centre de Vie Raymond Kopa are set to be unveiled in a few weeks with a new graphic environment that is contemporary, welcoming and people-oriented. 

In addition to the visual identity, the agency also worked on the club’s brand platform, which was redesigned and comes to life in its new signature “Maison de Football” (House of Football). This signature reflects the club’s historical and cultural values in relation to Reims’ excellence in the craft, and, above all, embodies the values of the Training Center. It is a place of education and teaching where the family values of respect, discipline and hard work are taught to future professional footballers every day.

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