New Identity of League 1 – A Modular & Iconic Mark

A new logo for the French football championship : iconic and modular

In preparation of the upcoming season 2024/2025 and as part of a new marketing strategy, LFP Media completely reimagines the visual identity of the French Ligue 1 championship. We are proud to present this new symbol that embodies the brand’s ambitions of elevating and iconicizing the championship. The new mark stands out by highlighting the ‘1’ associated with the ‘L’ through a subtle interplay of form and counter form. It thus adopts the common abbreviation of fans, the ‘L1’.

A modular identity

The new Ligue 1 logo not only stands for the French championship, its competing teams, but above all the diversity that it characterizes, in terms of game, style, atmosphere, and traditions. Through its simplicity and distinct modularity, it naturally adapts to each club and becomes a unifying mark with a nod to codes found in gaming and digital eco-systems. This logo, is accompanied by a custom typography, a vibrant color palette, and a flexible graphic system and aims to boost pertinence of Ligue 1, both in France and internationally. Its bold and contemporary design breaks traditional codes to assert the uniqueness and prestige of the championship.

Official Launch

The new symbol of Ligue 1, unveiled by LFP Media on March 27th, will be deployed on all fields and screens starting from mid-August.”

latest  news

Wednesday 29 November

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Thursday 23 November

Leroy Tremblot wins Bronze at the Grand Prix Stratégies for Sports & Esports 2023!

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Wednesday 10 February

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A signature Leroy Tremblot brand strategy and graphic environment

Thursday 18 June

Stade de Reims is getting a new look!

Thursday 09 April

LaFourmi and Leroy Tremblot have created the “Fédération Française des Sports Confinés”

Wednesday 20 November

Leroy Tremblot win Gold at Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport 2019 awards

Monday 02 September

Roll-out of the new FFR brand territory by Leroy Tremblot

Actualite_news_vignette_LAFOURMI_Leroy_Tremblot signent_nouvelle_identite_WEC
Wednesday 17 July

Leroy Tremblot and LaFourmi design the WEC’s new identity

Thursday 04 July

Leroy Tremblot designs the French Rugby Federation’s new identity

Friday 21 June

Leroy Tremblot creates the TV graphic branding for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

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FC Nantes asked Leroy Tremblot to create its new visual identity

Drawing inspiration from the past to create a new future

Tuesday 16 April

Leroy Tremblot brands the Total Direct Energie cycling team for the next Tour de France

Thursday 28 February

The French Boxing Federation unveils its new identity

Friday 22 February

A new brand territory for the Danone Nations Cup

Thursday 31 January

Leroy Tremblot brands the French Handball Federation

Tuesday 22 January

Leroy Tremblot shines a light on Caisse d’Épargne

Tuesday 15 January

Leroy Tremblot designs the logo for the 100th anniversary of the FFR

Wednesday 31 October

Leroy Tremblot chosen by UEFA for Euro 2020

Friday 28 September

Leroy Tremblot devises the graphic identity for the new signature of Ligue 1 Conforama


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